August 3

8/3/03: "Walking alone in downtown Nairobi is definitely harrowing when you stand out from a mile away. I was immediately pegged as a tourist and for most of the time had people coming up to me with stories or brochures and warning me to look out for unsafe con artists and the reasons why I could trust them instead. It was rather exhausting feeling like I had to constantly be on my guard.  I was just more leery because of the unfamiliar environment and knowing I couldn't blend in.   (And there was the one guy who when he realized he wasn't getting any money from me proceeded to call me a few choice names, told me to go to hell, and said I'd be better off dead. ) But I'm glad I spent time in the city so I could feel like I've actually seen Nairobi."

Kenyatta Avenue in the heart of Nairobi

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