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  • Where are you from?
    • I'm originally from Mississippi (Vicksburg to be exact) but now call metro Atlanta home after having lived in Georgia for quite a number of years now.
  • Where did you go to school?
  • What's your job?
    • The short answer is that I am a caseworker with refugee families at a non-profit agency called World Relief.  What that actually entails is an unpredictable array of tasks in helping newly arrived refugees adjust to life in the US--dealing with everything from cultural training to government paperwork to family crises.  
  • What's your faith background?
    • I grew up going to a rather conservative Southern Baptist church.  I now attend an independent mission church (once associated with the Eastern Mennonite Mission and now part of the Good New Fellowship) called Cellebration Fellowship that is made up of people from all over the world. Check out our website and other Christian study resources.
  • What music do you like?
    • My music pages give more detail, but largely music from the sixties and seventies with a focus on folk-based harmony groups and Motown; a handful of newer artists from both the mainstream and modern Christian music scene; and a wide swath of world music, particularly from France and francophone countries.  And of course Beatles, Beatles, Beatles. 
  • Are you a sci-fi fan?
    • Oh goodness yes, particularly of good television series and "hard" science fiction authors like Arthur C Clarke and Stanislaw Lem.  I tend to enjoy sci-i TV series most. One of in my college webpage making days was the X-Files (which I why I spent way too many hours developing a website about it) and I have to give a big shout out for Firefly as well but the long-lived British programme Doctor Who is far and away the show I'm obsessed with most, both the classic series and now the newly updated revival (though classic always wins), and I am currently blogging through a viewing marathon of the old series.
  • Do you speak any other languages?
    • Mais oui! That is to say, I speak French at a pretty conversant level.  Other than that I can throw out a few simple phrases in a half-dozen of the other languages I've been in daily contact with over the years: Somali, Bosnian, German, Russian, and now Karen Burmese to name a few.
  • Can you sing?
    • I like to think so---at least I've been in choirs and such since I was little.  These days I only help lead singing at the church I attend (though I think at heart I would love the chance to belt out some Motown on stage!) The closest I've ever come to being a "performer" was participating in a production of Gilbert and Sullivan's HMS Pinafore while in grad school.
  • Where have you traveled?
    • I've managed to set foot in a variety of places in North America, Europe, and even Africa.  I love showing off my pictures so check out my photo album and you can find a fairly big list! 
  • Any other hobbies?
    • Just spending time on the computer, reading a good book at the coffee shop, or sitting at a nice restaurant enjoying food from around the world.