Deutsche Alpenstraße

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Stretching from Lindau to the border of Austria, the Alpenstraße is a scenic drive through the foothills of the Bavarian Alps offering views of both green country side and snow-covered mountains. My friend and I took this route on our way from Lindau to the castle of Neuschwanstein. (2001)

An overlook towards the beginning of the Alpenstraße looking town on the village of Sheidegg below. A great shot from one the many overlooks on the way. This looks down on a town called Hinderlang nestled in the valley below the mountain. From the overlook at Oberjoch, you can look down on the village of Bad Oberdorf. A snow and tree covered mountain of the Swiss Alps. One of the towns along the way is Pfronten. (Actually, it's made up of four smaller villages together.) Here is a look down one of the streets with the typical Bavarian tower of Nikolaus Kirche. A look over the mountains from Pfronten.