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Amboise is known for its castle and historical events there during the religious wars of France. The castle itself has some of the most elaborately decorated rooms that I saw on the Loire. The town was also the final residence of Leonardi de Vinci at the invitation of the French king and he is buried in the castle chapel. (2007)

On overview of Amboise castle set up on a ridge above the town and the Loire river. The chapel at right is the burial place of de Vinci On the grounds of the castle one can see the two remaining wings of what was once a much larger structure. Looking down on the old town of Amboise from the ramparts of the castle, you can see the winding medieval streets and crowded old buildings. A shot of the residence of Clos LucÚ where Leondardo de Vinci lived as well as a model of one of his imagined inventions in the garden.