The largest city in the south and one of the fastest growing in the US, Atlanta is known for everything from its burning in the Civil War to its role in the fight for civil rights to its prominence in big businesses, modern hip hop, and neighborhood revitalization. Below are pictures of buildings, neighborhoods, attractions, and other unique aspects of the city..

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Looking over some of downtown Atlanta from the tower of the Westin Hotel. A reflected night view of the city's midtown on the lake in its large Piedmont Park. Atlanta's famous Fox Theater with Eastern-themed spires and architecture. One of the more well-known attractions of downtown Atlanta is its large aquarium with one of the world's largest marine collections. Atlanta boasts several famous regional showcases for the arts including the High Museum of Art. Atlanta is "Coke town"--the seat of Coca-Cola and its popular museum full of memorabilia and odd flavors from around the world.The CNN building houses Ted Turner's media empire and is open for touring.This 1920's mansion known as the Swan House is now a part of the Atlanta History Center and boasts a dazzling European style fountain and gardens.You can go for history and storytelling at Wren's Nest, home of Joel Chandler Harris who compiled old slave tales into the stories of Br'er Rabbit. The Chattahoochee river runs from North Georgia right through Atlanta and you can very easily visit parks along it right off the highway for a day of flycasting or kayaking. On the west side of Atlanta are the giant roller coasters of Six Flags Over Georgia.Atlanta has long been able to brag that Hartsfield-Jackson is the world's busiest airport. An interestingly different corner of Atlanta is bohemian Litte Five Points where you can find an array of punkster bars, peircing parlors, and vintage clothing shops as well as odd restaurants such as the Vortex.Inman Park was Atlanta's first suburb and still boasts many old Victorian style homes. Midtown Atlanta is the site of the more recent development called Atlantic Station--a model of smart, environmentally sound urban growth on the reclaimed site of the old Atlanta steel mill. At its center is the Millennium Gate which is one of the largest newer public monuments in Atlanta. Atlanta is also a college town with GSU and Georgia Tech downtown and other private univerisities such as the highly regarded Emory University whose campus is seen here.Not quite the grand scale of Tara, this old apartment building now a museum was the home of Margaret Mitchell when she wrote Gone With the Wind. The Cyclorama offers a dynamic presentation of the Civil War 'Battle of Atlanta' through a view of a gigantic 360 degree oil painting of the event.Martin Luther King Jr was born and raised in Atlanta in the historic African American neighborhood of Sweet Auburn. His old home is seen here. The advent of the 1996 Olympics totally changed the landscape of Atlanta including the addition of its now signature Olympic Park in the heart of the ciy. A view of the impressive multi-tiered interior of the Atlanta Mariott Hotel.A view of my favorite building in Atlanta which is also its tallest, the Bank of America Plaza buildingA signature event of Atlanta every Labor Day is the sci-fi extravaganza of DragonCon and the the parade of Storm Troopers and other famous costumed characters down Peachtree Street. The city always rallies around the Atlanta Braves and there is lots to see and do at 'the Ted' stadium in addition to watching the game.Atlanta's old city brickstreets now hold the shops and restaurants of the Atlanta Underground.The Atlanta Botanical Garden hosts the renowned Fuqua Conservatory containing the largest collection of orchid varieties in the US.Part of a display in the new and very interactive Center for Civil and Human Rights in downtown Atlanta full of information on Southern civil rights history and displays about human rights causes all over the world.The Atlanta Botanical Garden hosts the renowned Fuqua Conservatory containing the largest collection of orchid varieties in the US.One of many beach areas on the large reservoir of Lake Allatoona, a very popular summer time destination on the northwest side of Atlanta for boating, fishin, swimming, and picnics.One of my favorite birds, the redwinged blackbird, of which there are many along the shore of Lake Allatoona.One of the later additions to the aquarium was its popular dolphin exhibit and show.