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Bandelier National Monument

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While at a week-long conference at Glorieta, a few of us got to spend a day at Bandelier National Monument which is located near Los Alamos. Within it are many old Anasazi sites, carvings, and cliff-dwellings which are open to the public. As can be seen, the canyon itself was amazingly beautiful, and the chance to see some of the old kivas and dwellings gave us a real sense of history and respect for the place as well. (1998)

The remnants of the many cliff- dwellings which once existed here. You have to walk up steep old ladders to access the site. Here is an old dwelling that archaeologists reconstructed after excavating it. The most unique aspect of this part of the US, of course, are all the strange and interesting rock formations that you can find. Here's a great shot of the scenery at Frijoles Canyon. Here we are after the steep 410-foot climp up narrow ladders to Ceremonial Cave.