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A week-end trip up into Normandie took us to Bayeux where we stayed in a great hostel (incredible meals!). The city itself has lots of old architecture as well as boasting its 900 year-old, story-telling tapestry. While there, we also traveled to the various D-Day beaches of the region and visited the bunkers and artillery areas where the battles took place. (1996)

As with a lot of this region of France, there are many of old stone buildings and canals here in Bayeux. This is the oldest house in the city---the sense of "autrefois" you get with all the old buildings around Bayeux is great. The cathedral at Bayeux has a wonderful vaulted ceiling. We even got the chance to catch the end of mass when we visited. Though covered in grass, the ground here at Point du Hoc is scarred with bomb craters from the war. It was here that the Rangers first scaled the cliffs to enter and liberate France. Many reminders of World War II remain on the Normandy beaches including things like this huge artillery bunker.