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The name means "beautiful island in the sea" and Belle-Ile-En-Mer is just that. I got to spend two days here while visiting Bretagne. I first exploring the Citadelle and then biked throughout Belle-Ile’s "quaint" countryside. When I got to the Atlantic side of the island, however, I was totally blown away by what I saw. The pictures here really don’t do the view justice, but I hope they show a little bit of what makes people in France love this little island so much. (1996)

Here's the port at Le Palais where you enter the island. You can see the walls of La Citadelle here as well. These home are very typical of the rural areas in this part of Bretagne. I couldn't believe these cliffs when I saw them---I stopped and literally sat looking at them for hours. Here's another shot of Belle-Ile's amazing Atlantic coast. The rock formation here is a relatively well-known part of La Côte Sauvage (the Savage Coast) of Belle-Ile-En-Mer.