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The most famous of the towns along the stretch of beach of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Biloxi reflects both the modern aspects of the state (casino gambling, shopping) and the old (historic homes, shrimping). Much of Biloxi was damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Katrina---but while many of the stately old homes under the oaks along the coast are gone forever, the area as a whole has built back up in the years following. (1998, 2011)

Though no longer in use since the manmade beach and highway surrounded it, this unique 1848 lighthouse has become a symbol of the city as well as the whole state. Beauvoir, the home of Jefferson Davis who served as president of the Confederacy, prior to damage by Hurricane Katrina. Following the devestation of the coast by Katrina, artists tried to put a positive spin on the loss of the once grand trees lining the beach road by carving the remains into new and meaningful designs. The rise of casino gaming on the Mississippi coast was a boon time for Biloxi and really established it as a tourist destination. Almost all the original casino buildings were wiped out by Katrina but they have since rebuilt even larger spaces and hotels along the beach as seen here. Biloxi retains its character as a shrimping port with lots of ports and boats along the Mississippi sound.