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Having stopped briefly in Burlington on a day trip while a student, I was glad to get to spend a bit more time there on the way for a visit Canada much later. Burlington is Vermont's biggest town but very small by comparison to most others. Sitting right on Lake Champlain, it has a nice river front, pedestrian market walk, and several old buildings around the town. (2012)

The waterfront area of Burlington is full of sailboats going out of Lake Champlain. An overview of a church and several other buildings in the historic downtown. One of Burlington's noted features is the Church Street Marketplace, a long stretch of city streets that has been blocked off as a pedestrian market mall where one can stroll past numerous shops and cafes. A few interesting old houses around the city downtown area. One of the signature historic buildings of the University of Vermont in Burlington. Heading out of Burlington towards the town of Waterbury, you canfind the factory of famous Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream where all their crazy flavors start.