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During my trip to Bretagne, I spent a couple days in Carnac where I was really excited to explore all the relics and archaeological treasures there. The area is covered in rows of standing stones (menhirs) which go for miles and hollow, earth-covered stone structures (tumulus) which dot the landscape. These stone constructions were erected well back in prehistory and no one really knows why they are there. Today, though, they serve to make biking through the countryside of Carnac and exploring them very enjoyable. (1996)

This only gives a glimpse of all the rows of stones that are lined up throughout the area. This "hill" is actually a tumulus---a roofed circle of stones covered with earth and surrounded by a smaller stone circle. This one even had a small bat living inside! This is the largest menhir (standing stone) located in Carnac--called "Le Géant"--which stands by itself far off in the woods. The village of Carnac depicts the general style and atmosphere of the southern part of Brittany very well.