Central Mississippi -
Small towns

Though I lived in the larger towns of Vicksburg and Hattiesburg, my grandparents lived (and now may parents also) in small Mississippi towns.  I thus had the chance to grow up with a little bit of farming, swimming in the creeks, attending country churches, and other of the positive hallmarks of rural Mississippi life.  Below are some more recent pictures from the small areas that my family lives near.

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Magee: Though growing on its outskirts, my grandparents' home of Magee still has that small town character with an old downtown and close neighbors. Seminary: Spending a hot summer afternoon seated in the shade of the front porch is an essential part of Mississippi life. Here's the one at my family's new home in Seminary. Magee:My parents relocated to Magee after I graduated college and my father was keen to live out in an area with lots of trees and fields away from even smaller town traffic. Here you see the nice getaway of pond and trees on his property. Seminary: In recent years, my parents relocated to the even smaller community of Seminary. Not much more than a few stores, school, and this old train station are there. Magee: Unlike many Mississippians, my family are not hunters but it doesn't keep my dad from enjoying some target practice with the rifle from time to time. Mendenhall:My grandfather kite-flying out on Legion Lake (now just called Simpson County Lake) near Mendenhall. Collins:I really like this shot of a large sunflower field at Mitchell Farms in Collins, a family farm open for tours and fun.D'Lo:D'Lo is another tiny Mississippi town with rivers and parks around it. Here is an old refurbished country church. D'Lo:The town of D'Lo has a creek running nearby that has cut out some interesting formations and depression in the rock. This spot was used in the filming of the Sirens scene in the "O Brother Where Art Thou" film.Okatoma River at Seminary: One favorite family pastime has been canoeing down the various small rivers and creeks around south Mississippi. You can see my sister here on the Okatoma. Savoy: Dunn's Falls is an old water mill site on the Chunky river.Magee: If you grow up in small town Mississippi, you have to have animals at some point. We've run the gamut in my family from goats to ducks to sheep to chickens.