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Dahlonega is an old mining town in the mountains of north Georgia where prospectors first gathered in the early 1800s. It has maintained much of its old town square--now brightly colored and housing shops, restaurants, and art studios--and is a picturesque and popular stop while up on a day tour of the trails and waterfalls of the area around it.

The old refurbished 1800s storefronts of Dahlonega give it a colorful and historic character One of the many old buildings on the square now used as a relaxing restaurant and bed and breakfast. A view of the signature water wheel at the entrance of the town square. Nearby Dahlonega is the Three Sisters Vineyard, part of the smaall but growing GA wine highway up in the mountains. Dahlonega is famous for its gold mining history and its gold mining museum teaches about historic instruments of the trade such as this gold stamping machine.