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Flagstaff or, as the locals call it, "Flag" is quite a nice mid-size college town whose historic downtown boasts a safe and pleasant atmosphere, many good restaurants, and the famous Route 66 running beside. I especially liked the feel of sitting in one of the downtown cafes watching people casually walk around the historic district and even dance on the square until late in the evening. (2005)

Downtown Flagstaff is a fun environment with lots of visitors and college students frequenting the square and the many centrally-located restaurants and cafes. Here is a shot of a famous old hotel in the heart of the city downtown. The Church of the Nativity is a famous example of the use of sandstone in architecture in the area. Not too far outside Flagstaff is Sunset Crater, site of the last volcanic activity in Arizona only 1000 years ago. Wupatki National Monument holds the Wupatki Pueblo, the ruins of a large multi-room dwelling once used by the Sinagua peoples.