La Gaspésie

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La Gaspésie is a large peninsula in the eastern part of Québec where I was able to spend several days traveling with some friends. The scenery there was amazing and we got to see and do so many different things like whale-watching, enjoying the bright fall colors in the forest, seeing the first snowfall of the year, looking for wildlife in the parks, hiking in the mountains, and walking on the shore of St. Laurent Bay. If you enjoy the outdoors, it’s definitely a place to visit! (1997)

The hike up into the snowy mountains of the Parc de la Gaspésie was exhilirating. That's me in the photo! The ride in the Zodiac out from Bay St. Catherine was an experience in and of itself, but getting to see several finback whales swim by made it even better. A shot from the mountain of the Lac aux Americains below. Here's the Forillon Peninsula which lies at the very end of La Gaspésie. Looking down after a climb up the steep paths of St. Alban. At low tide you can walk out to Rocher Percé, this huge rock which stands out in the middle of Bay St. Laurent.