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While home for summer, I got to spend a week at a Christian conference in Glorieta, New Mexico. Unlike the more desert-type areas of the state, Glorieta is full of evergreen-covered mountains which we got to spend a lot of time hiking on. These shots are from a few of the trails we went on while we were there. (1998)

Below you can see the conference center at Glorieta---for some reason everything in New Mexico is that same dusty, adobe color! This spot was incredible not only for the view of the mountains but also for the fact that it was perfectly situated for creating some great echoes! On our way up to Glorieta Baldy, the mountain side got very steep. Rather than take the easier winding side-trails, though, we decided to go straight up the middle! After several tiring hours of climbing, a group of us triumphantly made it up to the point called Glorieta Baldy for view back of the mountains.