Grand Canyon

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The Grand Canyon is not only huge but really shows how amazing nature can be. Formed by the Colorado River slowly cutting away over the centuries, it looks different from every vantage point with its amazing variety of colors and types of rock throughout. I can see why people say that every American should make at least one trip to see this natural wonder. (2005)

Me with a look across the Grand Canyon behind---the picture still can't quite give the sense of how big the canyon seems. There are ravens all around the Grand Canyon area. I got a shot of a couple flying over a great view of the canyong and Colorado River. Here's a closer shot of the river flowing through the canyon. There are tons of trails running down toward the floor of the canyon, some of which you can see here. They are only recommended for people who can endure a hard overnight climb so we didn't even try. Here is a shot looking down part of the canyon at the various rock formations and colors.