Grand Rapids

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Grand Rapids is an historic city along the Grand River in Michigan. It's old downtown area contains both brilliantly restored brick buildings from the 1800s and many reclaimed old factories from its heyday of beer production. I visited in summer so its several districts of historic homes and multiples parks and gardens were a pleasure to visit. (2016)

A view of some of the signature downtown buildlings along the Grand River including the ornate Amway Grand Plaza hotel. Some of the old refurbished buildings of downtown. The noted iron Sixth Street Bridge of 1886. One of Frank Lloyd Wright's famously designed homes, the Meyer May house is just one of many old structures in the historic Heritage Hill district of Grand Rapids. The Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park is a fabulous expanse of open land with statues scattered all around ranging from classic Rodin to modern ones like this interesting one by Plensa.A signature exhibit in the Meijer Gardens is the gigantic "American Horse" stuatue based on the uncompleted designs of Leonardo da Vinci. I'm in the picture for a bit of scale. :).