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Often called 'the capital of the French Alps', Grenoble is tucked away in a valley of circling mountains. Though neighbored by seasonal ski towns all around, Grenoble itself is a large modern metropolis famous for everything from its 19th centery architecture to its role in a famous Nazi resistance to its place as a site of the 1968 winter Olympics.(2011)

A view over the large Alpine city of Grenoble. The Isere River flows through the town under the view of the mountain side homes. Built for the '68 Olympics, the 'telepherique' offers a ride up to the scenic overviews of the mountain above. The famous statue 19th century statue of 'The Three Orders' commemorates the role of many of Grenoble's citizens in the start of the French Revolution. The walls of the old Fort de la Bastille wind down of Grenoble's surrounding hills and offers great views of the city.