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Unlike the traditional images of Texas as rangeland, Houston is a huge sprawling city covered with highways and whole districts of upscale museums, theaters, and shopping. It is also one of the busiest harbor and oil refinery sites in the world. Of course, Houston is also known as the home of NASA and stretches all the way to Galveston Bay just off the Gulf of Mexico. (2009)

A view of some of the downtown buildings driving through the city. A statue of Texas founder and city namesake Sam Houston at Hermann Park in the museum district. Houston's newest park and recreation area is called Discovery Green. One impressive public artwork tucked away in Houston is the huge Water Wall fountain. Houston recently upgraded it's natural history musuem and it's quite good with striking and impressively displayed fossils, Egyptian cultural artifacts, and much more . Outside the main part of the city lies the battleground where Texas won its independence from Mexico, now marked with the large monument seen here. Posing beneath the huge rocket engines of an original Saturn V rocket on display at NASA. A view of ships and oil refineries along the Houston harbor as seen from the San Jacinto monument. At the edge of the city lies Galveston Bay seen here from the Kemah Boardwalk.