Kansas City

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Though I was visiting people living on the Kansas side of the city, the heart of Kansas City (and the part I took a brief tour of) lies in Missouri along the Missouri River. We had just a short time to drive around and get an overview of the city so maybe one day I'll be able to go back and see more. (2015)

A view of Kansas City downtown. The historic River Market (aka City Market) of Kansas City sits dates back to 1857 and is one of the largest public markets in middle America. The uniquely designed Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts with half-shell shaped walls on one side and glass front on the other. Note the view into the stairs and such that you can see. A view of downtown from the Broadway Bridge over the Missouri River. Kansas City is known for its numerous and varied fountains. Here is a bit of one with the outline of the signature Barle Hall Convention Center pylons behind.