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Macon is a small town in middle Georgia known for Georgia music history (the Hall of Fame is here), the downtown cherry festival, several stately antebellum homes, and Native American history along the river.

A view of the Hay House, an 1860 mansion that was occupied up until the sixties and now has many rooms from its various periods refurbished and on display. Macon is still a relatively small Georgia town and its rather run-down center shows some of that old character. A look across from Hay House of the large churches and synagogue that dominate the downtown view. For me, the most interesting part of Macon is its older history of Native inhabitation. The excellent Oculmogee National Monument is a collection of very old and important mounds and earthworks, including this lodge with original floor carvings. Another famous old antebellum home in Macon is the "Cannonball House" see here.