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Madison is one of several small Georgia towns that managed to escape burning by Sherman during the Civil War. It also happened to be a rather wealthy little town, so it has some great examples of well preserved antebellum homes all very close to its downtown square. The square itself is picturesque and full of eateries and shops making it a nice day-trip destination to visit. (2014)

A bit of the old square with prominent old buildings like the county courthouse. One of the most photographed homes in the city, the Hunter House (aka the Gingerbread House) is elaborately styled and one of many pleasant homes you pass on a stroll around the historic town. Unlike many of the old homes in Madison which are still lived in privately, Heritage Hall is preserved as a museum for the public to tour. The very pleasant Madison Town Park is not only well layed out with benches and bench swings and gazebos but has an interesting backdrop of old store fronts and factories as well. Now the cultural center for the town and surrounding area, this impressive building was one of the first graded schools in the South reflecting the money that was in this trade area.