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One of my favorite stops along our tour of Lake Constance (Bodensee), Meersburg is a place that has kept its old German farm town character with bright half-timbered houses along narrow streets. My friend pointed out how even the old mechanisms for lifting hay and food products to the lofts above still exist. You could almost imagine a bustling street market below. That and one of the oldest castles in all of Germany make this quite an interesting place to visit. (2001)

Looking over the colorful houses of Meersburg. Meersburg sits right along the border of Lake Constance or Bodensee. Andreas in front of the Altes Schloß (Old Castle) of Meersburg. Right next door to the old castle is the new, Neues Schloß Meersburg. A street in the old farmtown of Meersburg where crop-laden carts would pass by.