Le Mont-St-Michel

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Le Mont-Saint-Michel is quite a unique place---a huge abbey and town all built on a rock surrounded by incoming tides. It's often featured in French text books and is a favorite tourist site for French and non-French alike. A friend and I had the chance to take a trip out to Mont-St-Michel from Paris and were even able to stay at a hotel in the old town itself. (2004)

A shot of Mont-Saint-Michel's imposing abbey perched upon the rock. This shot gives a better view of how the entire walled town seems to rise from the surrounding sands which are covered once the tide comes in. Within the city walls is an old town whose buildings are now filled with restaurants and hotels As the city climbs up, there are many levels of walls and stairs from which to view the town and the surrounding area. While the tide is out, it is possible to walk along the sandy stretches all around Mont-St-Michel The abbey itself is full of huge rooms and interesting architechture including this courtyard.