Monticello at Charlottesville

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Monticello is the old home of Thomas Jefferson, famous for its innovative design and gardens. It overlooks nearby Charlottesville, VA where Jefferson's influence can be seen in the Univeristy of Virginia that he founded and designed. Today, Charlottesville also boasts a lively old town center full of restaurants and cafes down blocks of brick-lined streets. (2011)

Monticello, the self-designed home of Thomas Jefferson, where one can visit to learn about his legacy. The Monticello grounds boast a huge garden and vineyard area that Jefferson established in his time to grow varieties of plants and food from around the world that he helped introduce to America. There are many vineyards in the area surrounding Charlottesville including the Jefferson Vineyards seen here. The old city courthouse of Charlottesville once used by Madison, Monroe, and Jefferson before their presidencies. cap5 cap5