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I spent two years in the heart of downtown Montreal while working on my Master's degree at McGill University. I love Montreal as a city---a wonderful mix of North America and Europe, old town and modern city, French and English (and many other cultures), frigid winters and hot summers, riverports and mountain overlooks. (1997,1998,2012)

The core of downtown Montreal as seen from the Mont Royal overlook. I was there for the famous ice storm of '98 that coated the region. There are lots of contrasts between old and new in the middle of downtown. The Montreal city hall building at Place Jacques Cartier where de Gualle made his 'Vive le Quebec Libre' speech. The old port (vieux port) of Montreal on the banks of the St. Laurent. I was quite pleased to find on my last trip back to Montreal that they now allow you to take pictures of the splendid interior of the Notre Dame Cathedral.