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Montreal is an island in the St. Lawrence River with Mont Royal at its heart. Scattered throughout and around the city are both historic architecture and modern structures that give the city a unique look. (1997,98,2002,12)

Another view of the harbor area on the St. Lawrence River. Down the south side of the island run the Lachine Canals which hold a very popular set of bike and pedestrian trails. St. Joseph's Oratory is a popular pilgrimage site whose journey includes a crawl along a stairway up the hill. Mont Royal gave the city its name and is a popular park with an overlook of the city. Here is the Lac aux Castors that is a popular skating site in winter. Celebrating a little of Quebec culture at the St. Jean Baptiste Day parade, a day when many proudly proclaim Francophone identy of Quebec . The 1976 Olympics still bear a mark on the city including the "high tech" stadium seen here.