Myrtle Beach

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Myrtle Beach has long been a famous family beach destination. I finally had the chance to visit with my close friends and their extended family to experience some of the fun which includes playing in the waves of the Atlantic, numerous boardwalk games and attractions, and a comfortable atmosphere such that even very late into the night you can find whole families out enjoying the beach together.(2015)

The city is famous for a long history of carnival games including the old game center on the main boardwalk where you can play 25 cent skee ball and antique baseball games. A stroll down the beach boardwalk is very nice and there are also public piers like these that you can fish from or enjoy the view. A view over a part of the city showing some of the carnival rides and seafood places that can be found all along the shoreline. The beach itself can be both relaxing as you soak in sun on the packed sand beach or exciting as the waves roll in and churn a surprising number of shells and flakes. Prominent in the middle of the boardwalk area is the large Skywheel that you can ride for a view from the top.