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Natchez has some of the best preserved antebellum homes of Mississippi which are shown off every spring in the annual "Pilgrimage" tours. There is of course an older history to the town--whether the historic downtown architecture influenced by the original French settlers or the old remains of the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians that once owned  the area. (2017)

Some of the refurbished old buildings in the historic downtown area of Natchez. Nestled under a set of bluffs ovelooking the Mississippi River, Natchez Under-the-Hill was the original location of the city; once full of pirate taverns, it now boasts restaurants and scenic views.
This was once the site of the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians, still around just after the arrival of Europeans, of which just a few of the ceremonial mounds remain. Like many of the grand homes of Natchez that you can tour, Longwood has the impressive columns and stately moss draped oaks; however, its interior is unique to say the least--unfinished due to the interruption of the war. The interior of the impressive (at least by Mississippi church standards) St. Mary Bascilica Cathedral of Natchez. The familiar shape of twin bridges over the Mighty Mississippi River.