New Orleans

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Since New Orleans isn't too far away from where my family lives and where I went to school, I've had the chance to make day trips down several times over the years. On every trip, of course, the main focus was on the French Quarter with its European architecture, lively street performances, world famous cafes and bars, and its constant bustle of activity and fun. These pics all come from a November 2015 visit. (2015)

Here is St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square at the heart of the French Quarter. In contrast to the grand balconied structures at the heart of the French Quarter, you can find rows of simple but brightly-colored homes at its outskirts. Some of the French architecture---with colorful buildings and ornate balconies---throughout the quarter. Street cars run along the main thoroughfare of Canal Street. A view from the business district towards the Mississippi River bridge. New Orleans is of course famous for music like jazz that flows out from clubs, bars, and streets throughout the city.There are lots of fancy hotels throughout the city and it was fun to splurge a bit and stay in one for a night.