Other Arizona areas

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Winslow --- While it is site of a once famous railroad hotel, Winslow is now more recognized because of its mention in the Eagles song "Take it Easy". Not far out of town, however, are some famous sites such as Meteor Crater. (2005)

Payson --- I visited family members in Payson which is up in the ponderosa pine forest area known as the "Mogollon Rim" for the canyon edge around it. Payson is a small town but a favorite vacation spot from the much hotter Valley area as well as a nice camping area. (2005)

Winslow is a small town but has a claim to fame at its mention in the Eagle's song of "standin' on a corner in Winslow, Arizona" with the girl "in a flatbed Ford." Thousands of years ago, a 150-ft. meteor slammed into the Arizona desert and created the huge impact crater which you see part of here. These interesting rock formations in the Painted Desert are aptly named "the Tepees". From the top of one of the overlooks above Payson, you can see that many people build nice homes among the pines in the mountain communities surrounding the town.