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Having never visited during my time as a student, I made a point to include Ottawa, the capital of Canada, as a point in a later visit through Ontario. Ottawa is not large (and in fact the larger capital area encompasses other towns such as Gatineau, Quebec) so it's easy to get a nice view of it just strolling around the parliamentary square area on the river. (2012)

A view of Ottawa's Parliament Hill from across the river. Byward Market, an area of outdoor shops and restaurants, sits right by the capital complex and among other things is evidence of the original name of the city (named for founder John By). One of the three parliamentary buildings that define the Ottawa landscape atop Parliament Hill, the center block includes the large Peace Tower and clock. The Rideau Canal is a World Heritage site, a long complex of lock systems that opened up the waterways of Canada. The Ottawa locks seen here are most famous and in winter form part of the world's longest skating rink! The Canadian Museum of Civilization highlights both the modern and aboriginal (First Nations) history of Canada.