Panama City Beach

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I've made a few trips to Panama City Beach with friends over the years. The town is famous as a spring break mecca and is lined with hundreds of condos, bars, beach shops, and mini-golf courses---but more impressive are the white sands and blue-green water that stretch the length of this gulf coast city. (2008,2012)

A view of part of the beachfront along Panama City Beach. This shot shows well why the Gulf waters of this part of the panhandle are called the 'Emerald Coast'. The MB Miller County pier stretches way out into the gulf and is thus a popular spot for both views of the beach and fishing for the many large fish swimming by. Panama City Beach is also known for its wide array of buildings built in the shape of unusal things such as this shop with a whale mouth at its entrance. At the far end of PCB is St. Andrew State Park, a nature preserve with trees full of nesting herons and egrets and lakes full of alligators. One the dolphin stars at Gulf World leaps into the air.