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Perigueux is located in the Perigord region of central France, an area associated with foie gras, mushrooms, and truffles. The town itself represents several periods of French history with buildings from Roman, medieval, Renaissance, and more modern times. (2007)

The start of medieval Perigueux is found on the banks of the Isle river in the area known as Puy St. Front. At its heart is the unique multi-domed cathedral that overlooks the area. The medieval section of Perigueux is well-preserved and full of small stone streets like this one. Throughout the old town are old market squares where regional Perigord products are still sold. Examples of Renaissance and Enlightenment architecture can be found in the city as well such as at Place Plumancy. Before Perigueux was established, there stood the old Gallo-Roman town of Vesunna. Remains of that settlement are an important aspect of the town, including the crumbling walls of the old arena that have been turned into a park today.