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Québec City has preserved a lot of its "old town" character since many original stone buildings still exist all over the city and it’s the only North American town to have its old town wall still standing. A lot of the history of the province of Québec can be found here, but perhaps the most famous aspect of the city is the big winter carnival ("Fête des Neiges") that is held there every year. (1998)

You can see all the old buildings and stone streets that can be found in old town Quebec. Here’s a view of the old port of Quebec and the Quartier Petit Champlain. Looking back up the cliff below which the old port sits, you can see the "funiculaire" which you can ride down as well as the impressive Hotel Frontenac which dominates the landscape of the city. Just outside the city of Quebec is the waterfall Montmorency. During the winter, the mist of the waterfall freezes into a fine powder which builds up into a huge hill called the "pain de sucre" throughout the season. Here’s a more impressive shot of the waterfall, the steep rock around it, and the many stairs which you have to climb to get to the top!