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I really wasn’t expecting much from Rennes as I passed through it on my way to other parts of Bretagne. I was pleasantly surprised, though, because the town is full of canals and old style houses as well as an amazing garden park with trees and flowers from all over. Rennes was also the first place where I ever stayed in a youth hostel (my first of many since!) as well as being the first time I met so many people from around the globe who were backpacking through Europe. (1996)

This was the first auberge de jeunesse (youth hostel) I had ever stayed at, so I was lucky to start off with such a nice one (and one that included a really good breakfast in the price too!). This is one of the many canals which run through the town of Rennes and give it a unique character. This shot is part of another canal and it gives a better sense of the pleasant scenery to be found in the older sections of Rennes. Although several parts of the city were destroyed in a big fire, some buildings still remain which show the old and colorful style of architecture which used to characterize area.