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On the way to and from Vancouver, I had the chance to stop in Seattle and was very glad that I did. I quite enjoyed the relaxed feel of this west coast harbor city, and it was well-worth the time to see Puget Sound, the impressive Pike Place Market, and Seattle's signature Space Needle. (2006)

Here is an upclose view of the symbol of Seattle---the Space Needle created for the World Expo. Pike Place Market is a huge area filled with open markets of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and other items. There are also tons of interesting specialty food shops and restaurants as well as the very first Starbucks. Seattle began on historic Pioneer Square which still posses many of its original buildings. On the square is also a tribute to Chief Seattle for whom the city is named. Ferries are an important part of Seattle life as many surrounding island communities have people that commute back and forth regularly. Here you see me on a ferry with the Seattle skyline behind.