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Stowe is ski town in the middle of some of Vermont's high mountains. I first visited the Stowe area on a hiking trip near Mt. Mansfield with my Montreal church group when I was a student. Many years later I returned while on my way for a visit to Canada and got to see the town itself and more of the mountain views around. Both times I was there in summer, so the trees were full and green running through which you could see the unused ski trails . (1998,2012)

Hereís a shot of the town hall of Stowe. This is what a lot of the trail was like along the way---lined with stones and easy to walk up but just very steep. Donít fall or youíre in trouble! A view of the mountain area---note the ski trails through the mountain trees. Hereís somebody playing "King of the Hill" up on one of the really big rocks at the base of the mountain. A shot of the lodge of the famous Van trapps (ie the family highlighted in the "Sound of Music") who moved to Vermont after escaping Nazi Germany.