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One of my friends lives near Stuttgart so I have had the chance to visit the city many times as well as attending the spring carnival or Frühlingsfest . Much of the city feels very industrial because areas destroyed during the war were rebuilt with factories and such. However, the stately palaces of the old town show its history as the capital of the Baden-Wurttemburg region. (2001,2007,2011)

An overview of the city as seen from the TV tower on the hill above. One of the entrance gate statues of the new palace symbolizing the strength of the city. Overlooking one of the weekly markets in the Schillerplatz from the walkway of the old palace. The square in the middle of the old town near the Altes Schloß. In the middle is the Column of Victorz. Andreas in front of the new palace of Württemburg. Celebrating Frühlingsfest with friends. Nearby to Stuttgart is the town of Ludwigsburg whose palace in known for its gardens and park.