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Its mild winters make it popular for Canadians, but Vancouver is most impressive for its natural setting. It was amazing to sit on a sunny sand beach looking right towards the skyscrapers of downtown, left towards large ships sailing from the port, and across to snow-capped mountains in the distance. Though relatively young, it's a very international city with a large university and many eclectic and historic neighborhoods. (2006)

This picture reflects the natural setting that makes Vancouver so famous. Unlike the rainy rest of the year, summer in Vancouver offers bright sun and beautiful views of both green and snow-capped mountains. Surprisingly, one of the major attractions of Vancouver are the miles of beach that run along the city's waterfront. You can see the downtown skyline in the distance. There is a large Asian population in Vancouver and its Chinatown is the third largest in North America. Unique to it are the Sun Yat Sen Chinese Gardens built with traditional methods. At the top edge of downtown Vancouver is the largely forest Stanley Park that is surrounded by a seawall that is popular for locals and tourists likes. The University of British Columbia has a well-known museum of anthropology that focuses on the life and art of First Nations peoples from the region such as the traditional totems of the Haida seen here. Granville Island is one of several interesting neighborhoods to be found around the city.