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My original Home Sweet Home. Here's the place where I grew up. It sits on the banks of the Mississippi River and is well known for its history as the last Southern stronghold of the Civil War. (2005,2014)

Biedenharn Candy Store where Coca-Cola was bottled for the first time in the 1800s, now a museum of Coke memorabilia. Inside the Vicksburg National Military Park--a sprawling historic area filled with monuments and markers covering the old battlefield lines of the city--sits the largest and most recognizable memorial in the park, the Illinois Monument. Another main attraction of the military park is the reconstructed Cairo, an old war ironclad that sank during the war and remained on the river bed until modern times. A view of the Mighty Mississip' and bridges (old and new) with the inevitable barge and tugboat. Here I am with one of the many old cannons scattered throughout the city. The old Vicksburg courthouse---now a museum of Southern history.