Hello and welcome---

"Il est plus nécessaire d'étudier
 des hommes que les livres."

---La Rochefoucauld  

On this site you will find information about my professional and academic interests and aspirations.

Whether you are casually browsing or seeking specific information about the topics I have included, I hope you will find thoughts and references about my interests and my work that are helpful to you as well. 


*I currently work as a case manager at a refugee agency in Atlanta, Georgia called World Relief and you can thus find information about our organization and the populations we serve by following the Career link above.  

*My academic studies focused on anthropology (with an emphasis on development in Africa) and I've given some brief information about my research.  You will find this as well as information about the universities I attended under Studies above.

*Finally, if I suggested you visit here to find specific information about my skills and qualifications, you will want to access my resume using the Resume/CV link.

Thank you for visiting,

David Redd


PS: More about my personal interests can be found on my personal site here.