I have always been a big "X-Phile" and I followed the show closely from its beginning in September 1993 to its end in May 2002. 
Since it was arguably one of the first truly net-interactive programs on television (a lot has been said of how comments and reactions in the early days of the internet guided aspects of the show---common now but rather revolutionary then), I have always had at least a little area of my website dedicated to the X-Files. Among other things, check out the photos and autographs under "X-Stuff", my own take on certain mythology arcs ("Continuity"), and a list of episode titles and character bios under "Episode Lists". 

[I begrudgingly accepted the 2008 movie but was totally put off by the 2016 season 10 revival. However, the 2017 season 11 was much, much better (and even course-corrected some of the problems from the previous one) such that I am excited about the show again. Look for updates to include all of those sometime in the future.]