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During my academic career, I have had the opportunity to study in a variety of good programs at universities in a number of countries.

In May 1999, I completed two years of study and earned my Master of Arts in anthropology at McGill University. There, I  completed a thesis entitled Yoruba Migrants: A study of rural-urban linkages and community development. The main campus of McGill is located in downtown Montréal---probably my favorite city in North America. McGill is known fairly well in academic circles for its research and innovations in a variety of areas. 
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The anthropology department claims a number of professors well-respected in their field and represents a wide array of interests.  As a whole, the department focuses largely on the anthropology of development and social change, symbolic anthropology, prehistoric archaeology, and medical anthropology.  Dr. Laurel Bossen served as my thesis supervisor.  I also worked as a teaching assistant with Dr. Michael Bisson in archaeology which, while not my career focus, definitely has held some interest.

I should mention that the university granted me a two-year Maxwell Stern Fellowship which allowed me to finance my stay in Canada. Thank you! 

My undergraduate years were spent in my home state at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. There, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology and French in 1997 as well as completing an undergraduate thesis entitled Anthropologist vs. Missionary?: A Re-Examination of Cross-Disciplinary Dialogue and its Relevance to Anthropology

While at USM, I was privileged to be a part of the Honors College---a separate and specialized school combining upper-level seminars with unique learning opportunities.  One of the most interesting aspects was probably the two year combined study of history/literature/philosophy called Colloquium.
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Within the anthropology department, I had the opportunity to attend a wide range of classes from linguistics and osteology to African studies and North American archaeology.  I completed my thesis under the direction of Dr. James Flanagan with significant input in my career plans from Dr. Bruce Roberts and Dr. Marie Danforth.

Many thanks to the sponsors of the Schillig-Baird Scholarship and the University Honors College for four years of funding. Go Eagles!

In the spring of my junior year as an undergraduate, the International Education exchange program (under the direction of Susie Steen) gave me the opportunity to spend a semester studying abroad in Paris, France at L'Ecole Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur
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The school itself is located in the ultra-modern la Defense on the outskirts of Paris and is an international business school.  Though my own academic interests were far from this core, it was a great opportunity to get an introduction to French language and culture through the classes with Mmes. Dumont and Olsen.  One of the most interesting (and challenging) of the regular course load dealt with many of the intricacies of French law---something I had never thought I'd be interested in learning!

Needless to say, however, the real part of my education in France took place not in the classroom, but in the "real world" as I became acquainted with the richness of the French cultural tradition and life in Paris. I created many fond memories and the chance to travel throughout France and Europe was amazing.  

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