August 9


8/9/03: "We spent our final morning in Kakuma touring the Jesuit Refugee Services compound.  Sister Christina was showing us around, a lively Scots-Irish Australian nun, who took no notice of our need to be back at IOM after an hour.  It was obvious she had a real heart for her work with women in need and was not going to let it be shown half heartedly. She and JRS run a number of unique programs.  The focus is on women at risk and she introduced us to mothers and girls from a number of ethnic groups that were staying at their shelter for safety from violence, rape, and forced marriage or child abduction."

"She showed us some of the beadwork the women do.  Seeing the sister so determined to help these women and the many refugees from all the diverse communities (Sudanese and Ethiopian to Congolese and Rwandan) gaining skills and dignity by working there made it seem like an amazing program operating way beyond what it should be able."

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