The First Doctor

 Watching (or listening) to all episodes of the First Doctor’s era in order is quite a revelation. You can clearly see a steady progression (and I think you can say improvement) of his character over time into the Doctor that we know, especially in his trust and reliance on companions. Though he doesn’t usually exhibit the quirky fun associated with most of the Doctors (but in a few instances it can be found), his reliance on intelligence, disdain for weapons and violence, and devotion to right and justice are all well established here.

Every incarnation of the Doctor has his own signature traits and habits and that’s definitely true of the First: 

  • A tetchy harrumph and look of indignation when confronted (rightly or wrongly)
  • A dithering excitement when his theories are right
  • An eagerness to meet and trade ideas with learned men and scientific councils
  • A grandfatherly and kind demeanor with the young
  • A master at reading and navigating political intrigue
  • He takes command of the room when he straightens up and stands with stern frown
 Signature story: The Time Meddler
 Best match to a companion: His tete-a-tetes with Barbara

Have you ever thought about what it’s like to be wanderers in the fourth dimension? Have you? To be exiles?