The Seventh Doctor

They didn’t get the characterization of the Seventh Doctor quite right until a bit into Sylvester McCoy’s era but when they did he was quite a tour de force. Jolly, diffident, and gentle on one hand but full of mystery and dark secrets and power on the other. This Doctor was a game master, finishing battles of wits he had started long ago in the past. He would skillfully orchestrate people as pieces in a puzzle which at times meant that he seemed a bit distant and inhuman. Yet there was no doubt as to his compassion and caring as well, and his machinations almost always seem to contribute to peoples’ good, their growth. He was quick to intuit things being out of place, almost sensing something was going on with no clues but could also miss the obvious in front of him as well. He had a great bantering manner, especially with Ace, and would happily clown around when the stakes were not high. With his signature panama hat and umbrella, he seemed avuncular and unthreatening. Indeed, at first he seemed slapstick and laughable. When faced with evil, however, his demeanor could become strong and forceful.

  • A strong comedic vein
  • Magic tricks and juggling and general clownery
  • Spoons!
  • The rolling Rs of his Scottish lilt
  • Dark undercurrents in his musing
  • Mental powers

Signature story: Remembrance of the Daleks or The Curse of Fenric

Best match to a companion: Ace, as her mentor, tutor, and friend

We all have a universe of our own terrors to face.