Though I have been a fan of sixties music since I was in junior high (particularly of folk-influenced groups like CSN, Simon and Garfunkel,  the Mamas and the Papas), I somehow missed knowing anything about this essential quintet other than the popular song “For What It’s Worth”.  (Indeed, at one point I was unaware enough to assume that this person named “Buffalo” must be related to Dusty Springfield!)   This lack of familiarity is perhaps not too surprising—though they are considered to represent a critical step in the development of American music, the group’s commercial popularity at the time was never what it should have been.  Indeed, theirs is a strange story of missed opportunities, conflicting egos, and creative differences that would nevertheless define styles and approaches to music that would be used to great fame and success in other bands.

These pages give a little information about the history of the group as well as information about their music and albums.