Michelle Phillips

Personal info and family—

Birth: June 4, 1944 as Holly Michelle Gilliam in Long Beach, California

John Phillips (1962-1968)
Dennis Hopper (1970) [8 days only]
Robert Burch (19878-1980)
Grainger Hines
Steven Zax (2000-present)

Chynna Phillips (w/John)
Micheal Austin Hines (w/Grainger Hines)
Aron Wison (adopted)

Pre-M&P Career—

After finishing high school, Michelle set out to pursue a modeling career in New York City.  It was there that she met John Phillips and joined him and Marshall Brickman in forming the group known as The New Journeymen.  Denny Doherty would later replace Brickman in the group, and the three would continue to sing together until deciding to change their sound and add the talents of Cass Elliot to become The Mamas and the Papas.

Post-M&P Career—  

Unlike the other three members of the group, Michelle chose not to follow a singing career (though she did produce one album).  Instead, she turned to acting which had always been an interest of hers.  Her work has been varied and prolific as the lists below demonstrate. Over the years, she has appeared in several films on both silver and small screens. She has had recurring roles on a variety of television series, most famously Knot’s Landing.


Solo album: 
Victim of Romance [1977] Tracks

Non-album singles:
“Aloha Louie” “No Love Today” [1976] on Mother, Jugs, & Speed (soundtrack)

Other album credits:
Michelle contributed to the albums/songs of the following singers:
    Denny Doherty on Waiting for a Song [1974] (vocals, also with Cass Elliot)
    Lonnie Donegan on Puttin’ on the Style [1977] (vocals)
    Belinda Carlisle on Heaven on Earth [1988] (vocals)
    John Phillips on Pay, Pack, & Follow [2001](vocals, recorded 1970s)

The Last Movie 
as Banker’s daughter (with Dennis Hopper) [1971]
Dillinger as Billie Frechette (Golden Globe nominated) [1973]
Miracle as Trixie [1975]
Valentino as Natasha Rambova [1977]
Bloodline as Vivian Nichols [1979]
The Man with Bogart’s Face as Gena [1980]
Savage Harvest as Maggie [1981]
American Anthem as Linda Tevere [1986]
Let It Ride as Mrs. Davis [1989]
Keep on Running [1990]
Scissors as Ann Carter [1991]
Joshua Tree (a.k.a. Army of One) as Esther Severence [1993]
Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel as DeeDee Westbrooke [2000]
The Price of Air as Mrs. Rye [2000]
March as June [2001]
Jane White is Sick and Twisted as June [2002]
Harry + Max 
as Mother [2004]
Kids in America as Singer [2005] 
Unbeatable Harold as Erma [2006] 
Svik (Betrayal) as Eva Karlsen of 1993 [2009]


Television series (recurring character):
Knot’s Landing as Anne Matheson [1987, 1990-1993] – 73 eps
Malibu Shores 
as Suki Walker [1996] – 10 eps
Beverly Hills, 90210
as Abby Malone [1997, 1998] – 9 eps
Arthur Hailey’s Hotel as Elizabeth Bradshaw Cabot [1986] – 7 eps
Spicy City
as the voice of Raven [1997] – 5 eps
Second Chances as Joanna [1993] – 4 eps
The Magnificent Seven
 [1998, 1999] – 3 eps
7th Heaven 
as Lilly [2001, 2004] – 3 eps
Popular as Hellacious Acres [2000] – 2 eps
That’s Life as Maureen [2001,2002] – 2 eps

Television series (notable guest appearances):
Vega$ [1980]
Matt Houston [1982]
The Fall Guy
Search for Tomorrow
Fantasy Island [1978, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984]
The Love Boat [1981,1982, 1984]
Automan [1984]
Finder of Lost Loves [1984]
Murder, She Wrote [1984]
TJ Hooker [1985]
Alfred Hitchcock Presents [1988]
Star Trek: The Next Generation [1988] 
Burke’s Law 
Herman’s Head 
Lois & Clark 
Heaven Help Us 
Too Something 
The Love Boat: The Next Wave 
Diagnosis Murder 
[1994, 1999]
Providence [1999]
Rude Awakening [1999]
Twice in a Lifetime [2000]
All About Us [2001]
Spin City [2001]

Television (films/miniseries):
The Death Squad
The California Kid [1974]
Aspen [1977]
The Users [1978]
The French Atlantic Affair [1979]
Moonlight [1982]
Murder Me, Murder You [1983]
Secrets of a Married Man [1984]
Covenant [1985]
Hammer House of Murder and Suspense: Paint Me a Murder [1986]
Stark: Mirror Image [1986]
Assault and Matrimony [1987]
Mike Hammer: Murder Take All [1989]
Trenchcoat in Paradise [1989]
Appearances [1990]
Rubdown [1993]
919 Fifth Avenue [1995]
No One Would Tell [1996]
Pretty Poison [1996]
Sweetwater [1999]
Knot’s Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac [1997]
Stop at Nothing [2001]

The Vagina Monologues [2001]

California Dreamin’: The True Story of the Mamas and the Papas [1986]